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This magical childrens book, illustrated artistically by hand has been inspired and was created with the intentions of spreading awareness and hope amidst the crisis we face within our Oceans.


Gathered within the 1st 15 minutes of arriving here!

Turtle Rhody saved from a bag around its neck!

The adventure begins in small places.

Author illustration sketches

Drawing board

To see the inspiration that led to the birth of Rhody Driftwood, check out

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Rhody on his adventures wondering why there is so much trash in the waters!

Fishing line and weights Rhody helped remove so the bird could fly away!

Inspiration for Rhody Driftwood

Driftwood and trash collecting, inspiring The Adventures of Rhody Driftwood.

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Conservation starts with each one of us taking conscious steps in our consumption habits, and in something as simple as picking up trash, and planting new trees, to composting our waste.

We will be exploring ways to spread awareness in a magical way, introducing

"The Adventures of Rhody Driftwood". 

With a sincere heart and magical eyes and intentions to help any living creature that needs help in any way he can, these are the adventures we can all learn from, even adults. 

Writing with Driftwood as inspiration